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The BEST ToothPaste

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Which is the Best ToothPaste?

best toothpaste ingredients'The best toothpaste is homemade toothpaste'
Patients often ask me which is the best toothpaste, the fluoride free toothpaste, if this or that ingredient is toxic or dangerous to our health. I am happy to share my opinion on the best toothpaste, and certainly fluoride free toothpaste is a must.. however, my greatest concern is the bigger picture - including unhealthy foods, ingredients, additives and chemicals that we are exposed to on a continuous basis. Although a single exposure to a highly hazardous material is something we all want to avoid, it is the ongoing exposure to these unhealthy substances that I am very concerned with, things we use repeatedly such as the foods we eat, the soaps and detergents we use, the air we breathe, the electromagnetic and radiation we receive, the pills and even supplements we ingest.

Homemade Toothpaste

Commonly Found Chemicals (even in some fluoride free toothpaste)

Of course one such product, that most of us use on a daily basis is our toothpaste, so it behooves us to take a close look at what we are putting in our mouths, and is being absorbed by our very permeable oral mucosa. First of all, i want to list many of the ingredients that are commonly found in the commercial version of a “best toothpaste” (some of them even in so called “Natural” and “Fluoride Free Toothpaste”)

Triclosan Has the same chemical composition as some of the most toxic chemicals. Possible contamination with dioxin, a very strong hormone disrupting substance. Classified as a pesticide.
BHT (Butylated Hydroxytoluene)Immunotoxic, reproductive toxicity, allergenic.
Fluoride ( Sodium Fluoride) Developmental-reproductive toxicity. (there is now growing awareness of the necessity of fluoride free toothpaste, but it is one of many chemicals to look out for)
PEG-12 Toxic, potential for contamination with Ethylene Oxide, 1.4 Dioxane)
FD&C; Blue Bioaccumulation, toxic
Sodium Hydroxide Organ toxic
DEA (diethanolamine) Foaming agent, disrupts hormones and forms cancer precursors.
Propylene Glycol Active ingredient in antifreeze. EPA demands workers handle this substance with protective gloves. Quickly absorbed by mucosa.

BHT in Some Flourode Free Toothpaste    Triclosan in Flourode Free Toothpaste

So you can see that a simply fluoride free toothpaste is not necessarily going to be the best toothpaste for you and your family.

Best ToothPaste? I Think Not..

The Best Toothpaste, sans Sorbitol Other substances that do not belong in the Best Toothpaste:
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
  • Sodium Saccharin
  • Carrageean
  • Manganese Gluconate
  • Sorbitol

You can use the above list of ingredients against the listing of ingredients on the toothpastes you are considering using. Here is a list of some of the toothpastes that brand themselves as natural (and many are fluoride free toothpaste):

  1. Tom's of Maine (now owned by Colgate)
  2. Kiss My Face
  3. Dr Ken's
  4. The Natural Dentist
  5. Tea Tree Therapy
  6. Vicco
  7. Desert Essence
  8. Weleda
  9. Jasons
  10. Natures Gate
  11. Auromere Ayurvedic Herbal
  12. Spry

The Best ToothPaste Must Taste Good!

Although many of these are fluoride free toothpaste, even if they did not contain the other contaminants listed above, something that tastes horrible I would also not consider the “Best Toothpaste”. Personally, the few products that I have found that are reasonably safe fall into this category, so years ago I decided to take matters into my own hands and make my own, homemade, best toothpaste.

I will share with you my "top secret" homemade, best toothpaste formula:

  • 1/2 Cup Virgin Coconut Oil (not hydrogenised)
  • 2-3 Tablespoons of either baking soda or 1 tablespoon of fine pumice
  • Xylitol* to taste, depending on how sweet you like your paste
  • 15-20 drops of essential oil, mostly I use cinnamon or peppermint
  • Soften coconut oil with gentle heat
  • add ingredients and mix well
  • place in a glass jar
  • allow to cool

You now have a truly healthy, homemade, fluoride free toothpaste at a fraction of the cost.

The Best Toothpaste, Flourode Free Toothpaste

Happy brushing! - , D.D.S.
Still thinking it's now worth making a natural, homemade toothpaste?

Reason #1 for using the BEST Toothpaste / Homemade Toothpaste: NO SLS

What is SLS? Sodium lauryl sulfate, or SLS, is found in most common personal care products. Functioning primarily as a surfactant ingredient, SLS is found in soap, shampoo, lotion, and many other products your children are likely to use. Although some people can use these products with no immediate adverse reactions, SLS is linked to allergies and sensitivities, as well as potentially causing canker sore flare-ups and drying the mouth.
  • With prolonged use, sodium lauryl sulfate has been shown to irritate the skin of the face and worsen skin problems in those who have skin sensitivity.
  • A preliminary study reported SLS in toothpaste caused recurrence of canker sores. This report also showed a decrease in canker sores after brushing with SLS free toothpaste. While other studies showed no difference in canker sores, other studies indicate concerns with SLS containing toothpaste. Since these studies are inconclusive, it may be safer to use a SLS free toothpaste.
  • A study published by Michael Adams, in Characteristics and Measurement of Flavor Compounds showed that it can even cause temporary taste alteration.
Harvard Study Endorsing Flourode Free Toothpaste

Reason #2 for using the BEST Toothpaste / Homemade Toothpaste: HEART HEALTH.

The connection between heart health and oral health has advanced and shown to be relevant. A truly natural, fluoride free toothpaste can make an impact on your overall health, including heart health. However, not all fluoride free toothpastes are the same. A healthy oral environment can help lessen the risk of stroke, heart disease, respiratory disorders and even problem pregnancy. You might think just because a toothpaste is labeled “natural” it must be effective Our free, homemade toothpaste / best toothpaste formula, used daily, can help bring about a healthy, beautiful smile, and help decrease the risk of heart disease.

Reason #3 for using the BEST Toothpaste / Homemade Toothpaste: HEALTHY PH.

Our homemade, Best Toothpaste, also helps bring about healthy teeth and gums, by neutralizing the overall pH of your mouth - therefore, preventing acid from destroying tooth structure and bringing about accumulation of plaque. Plaque is the film that builds on your teeth which contains harmful bacteria. The bacteria love and thrive in an acidic environment. Saliva tends to help balance the pH and bring about a neutral pH of your mouth. Our Best ToothPaste / Homemade ToothPaste also helps bring about a neutral, acid free oral environment.

Questions or comments? Natural Dentist, Dr.Vinograd, can be reached at (619) 630-7174 or Daniel@DrVinograd.com.

*Xylitol is a great ingredient for the best toothpaste, because it′s five-carbon structure inhibits the bacteria′s ability to metabolized it, which stops the production acid (and therefore tooth decay). It also helps remineralize the area, and promote the flow of saliva.

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